Meet the Skipper

Hello there, I’m the new owner and operator of Wagonga Inlet Cruises. My name is Dave Donda. I am not the legendary Charlie Bettini, the previous owner boasting 3 previous generations of Bettini on the inlet. Consequently I profess to not being able to fill his shoes with his intimate knowledge of the area. However I do wish to bring in new ideas and to freshen up the entire business with new types of cruises available.

I bring vast amounts of experience, being in the maritime industry for over 30 years holding certificates of competencies both as vessel Master and marine engineer. More recently, coming from 10 years in the highly safety conscious offshore oil and gas industry, I consider safety to be of the utmost importance for my passengers.

Over the years, I have also conducted cruises on the Barrier reef, the remote Kimberly, Whitsundays and New Caledonia. In addition, I also owned and operated a fishing and dive charter business out of San Remo, Victoria for some 17 years.

Time to semi retire and enjoy Narooma’s mild climate and the natural beauty Wagonga inlet has to offer. I enjoy the natural environment and Narooma abounds in it both in its flora and fauna.

Guided eco Kayak tours are coming soon with the beautiful historic eco friendly Wagonga princess as the support vessel.  Look out for that!